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Hello again everyone.

Well, the time has come and gone. I have officially returned to the United States.

I can not lie and say that I am 100% glad to be back home. I still do miss Spain, my host family and all the wonderful people that I met there. However, a friend reminded me this week that the people we meet in life never truly leave us and that we will, one day, meet again. I sincerely hope this to be true.

Anyways, before we left on Saturday morning, I managed to accomplish a couple of tasks: 1) I managed to pass and graduate (I guess?) from my school in Spain!

Here I am with my diploma to prove it!

I also finally managed to climb up the Giralda, the giant tower next to the cathedral in Seville.

I also managed to get to the movie theater on Friday night after packing to go and experience a movie entirely dubbed in Spanish. I went to go see “Piratas del Caribe 4: En Mareas Misteriosas.” What an experience that was! I was shocked to discover that I could understand a good 50-60% of the dialogue in the movie, including the phrase “La fuente de la juventud.” Whatever happens, though, don’t fully spoil it for me, as, like I said, I only understood about half of the movie and would like to see it again in English.

Then, it came time to say goodbye to the city that holds a special place in my heart. At 5:00 on Saturday morning, I said goodbye to my host mother, and traveled off to the Seville airport to return to the United States. It was hard enough having to leave my host family and this wonderful country. What made it even worse was the fact that our planes in Madrid and Chicago were both delayed for quite some time. And, BTW, I also had the displeasure of having flown into Chicago O’Hare Airport. The people there were incredibly rude and made my experience there an absolute pesadilla (nightmare). But, eventually, we all managed to fly back into Rochester a little past midnight on Sunday.

So that’s it. My last post. If there are more pics and videos, I will do my level best to post as many pics and videos that I still have left (I did take about 1000 photos).

I truly hate goodbyes and just saying/thinking the very word makes my lower lip begin to tremble. So, for now, let me say, “Hasta la vista.” I’ve taken a lot of criticism for saying that, but the literal meaning of the phrase is “Until the sight,” referring to the next time that people meet again.

I have been truly blessed to have been able to experience this journey and to have experienced it with some really great and wonderful fellow students. I truly recommend to anyone interested in studying abroad to go for it!

So, hasta la vista.


P.S. My professors gave me a new nickname that I kinda like. Patricio “El Sabio,” or “The Wise.” I like it!


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