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Hello again all!

Well, the title of this most recent article comes from the fact that we have to do a project where we interview Spaniards about various aspects about the country. I mentioned to a friend of mine that I would like to interview someone else’s host mother (because I don’t want to ask two people from my own family as that might seem a little biased). Anyways, my friend responded by saying that people will already be asking their own host mom’s and that “You don’t want to steal someone else’s host mother.”

Anyways, things couldn’t be better over here. I just came back from a weekend “getaway” in Granada, a city with an incredible history. This area in Spain was the last area where the Moors (ancient Muslim empire) ruled before Los reyes Catolicos (the Catholic Kings-Fernando II and Isabel I) took back control of the country from the Moors. Here, as well, the last Moor king handed Fernando and Isabel the keys to the city of Granada.

Granada is about a three hour ride from Seville. Luckily we had an air-conditioned bus with enough leg room.

When we arrived in Granada early on Saturday afternoon, we arrived just in time to see a religious festival. I’m not entirely sure what it was, but I will be sure to post a few photos of the event.

After that, we went to a nearby market where street vendors were selling handmade tapestries, clothes, etc. I bought a nice looking sky-blue tapestry with an orange elephant. Que bonita!

Today, we went to the Alhambra, one of the ancient Moorish palaces that was used by the Sultan as a place to relax and to greet guests.

One of the key elements of Muslim architecture is that no images/faces of Allah (God) or Muhammad are permitted. However, Arabic writing is often found in the architecture telling either verses from the Qur’an or describing the history of the architect.

Another image often found in the architecture is the one illustrated below:

This is a fountain in the Alhambra. The circle/the fountain represents the circle of life (Lion King reference, anyone?) and creation. The narrow strip towards the end represents the passage from life to death and the pool/pond represents the afterlife/eternity. When walking around the Alhambra today, I saw this exact same pattern represented a few times.

So, that’s it for now! I’ll leave you with a few more photos of the Alhambra. Tomorrow, with the afternoon free, I’ll be revisiting the Alcazar, doing some shopping and going to see a Spanish movie. (I secretly hope it’s in English, but I doubt it).

Hasta luego!




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