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Hello again all!

Welp…not much to report over here. Went to the archeology museum earlier today. How wonderful to see some of the ancient artifacts, such as tools from early human species to several statues of Roman gods/goddesses. Unfortunately, with security in every single room of the museum, photography was not allowed. So, I have a few photos of exhibits outside of the museum. I hope that these will suffice…

After an exhaustive morning, I went with the class to a local plaza where we walked around for a bit, because the restaurants and the stores were closed because today (Sunday) has a religious importance in Spanish culture.

Today, we also ran into another protest, except this one was jam-packed with people. I now think that it’s physically impossible to be claustrophobic in Spain.

The protesters were chanting in the streets things like, “This isn’t a democracy,” “Where’s the media?,” and “The people united will never be defeated.”

Here’re some photos:

This group of protesters, as shown in the photo above, refer to themselves as M15, or 15M to signify the beginning of these protests on May 15th.

What I find interesting about these protests is a) how well attended/planned they are and b) how incredibly non-violent these protests are.

Well, for now, that’s all I’ve got. Tomorrow, we’re headed to the beach. Que bueno!

Hasta luego!



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