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Hello again everyone!

Let me begin by stating that the title of this blog came from my sudden revelation that I’m not here in Seville on vacation. I just realized that I have homework that’s due Monday….yikes.

Lots of things are going on in this part of the world. Friday, we all participated in a gymkhana, or a scavenger hunt, across the city of Seville. While it was, at times, fun, it became incredibly difficult when a) I couldn’t understand some of the questions and b) the people in the streets were incredibly rude and unhelpful. I understand that we all have bad days and a hurried schedule, but just two minutes shouldn’t be too cumbersome, right?

Anyways, during the gymkhana, we passed by a group of student protesters. (Photo included)

They’re currently protesting against, according to my señora, the political system, calling it the “Spanish Revolution.” The situation is worsened due to a major economic crisis and the problem of unemployment. To explain better, a recent article written by Martin Varsavsky, from The Huffington Post states, “Over 20% unemployment rate and over 30% youth unemployment rate, incompetent politicians unable to deal with the effects of the crisis, extremely high housing prices both for rental and purchase, a mortgage system that ties mortgage holders for life to the bank if the real estate is sold for under the loan amount, and a general discontent with the status of the political landscape (especially the effective two-party system of the center-right People’s Party and the center-left Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party)” (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/martin-varsavsky/spanish-revolution-of-201_b_867156.html). And yes, I did just site that website MLA style.

In lighter news, today (Saturday), the group went to visit the city of Córdoba, where you can see an ancient mosque/cathedral. I’m putting these two terms together because, quick history lesson, when los Reyes Catolicos took the Spanish peninsula back from the Moors (the ancient Muslim empire), they defiled the mosque at Córdoba by building a church on top of the already existent mosque. Supposedly, after the church was built, the King who commissioned the church’s construction looked at it and said something to the effect of “What have I done?”

However, there’s one thing that I took away from Córdoba: the fact that during the Moor Empire, Jews, Christians and Muslims had no sort of religious tensions and would often go off to their respective religious services together. Heck, Christians, Jews and Muslims even helped to construct the mosque there. Maybe we could learn from their example of tolerance…

So, other than a few more photos, I don’t have too much else to report. Tomorrow, I’m headed to the Archeology Museum (big surprise).

Hasta luego!



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