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Hello everyone!

You might be wondering where the title of this blog came from. Well, long story short, in one of our classes on Wednesday, we were talking about the typical tapas or Spanish appetizers eaten in the afternoon (olives, for example, are one type of tapas). Then, our teacher at the school mentioned something called caracoles, which, as I later found out in that class, are, as the French say, escargot. Okay, they’re snails. Um, yuck. No offense. I love trying various foods, and I love some of the foods here in Spain. But the idea of eating snails……yeah, I’ll pass thank you very much.

Moving on, we went to see a monastery yesterday where we ran into an art exhibit as well as explored the various rooms in the monastery. For example, I learned that most of the monks ate their meals in absolute silence, while a priest would read and pray.

After that, we went to the Exposicion ’92. Similar to the World Fair, the event was held in Seville to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Columbus’ “discovery” of the New World. While some of the buildings were incredibly colorful/eye-catching, it still felt as though it were a ghost town. It had a feeling that it had been once inhabited by people, but was later abandoned. Que lastima…

I have already made friends with a local café owner, from whom I buy my churros y chocolate, a typical snack eaten in Spain. It’s incredibly easy to understand him and he seems very friendly and it’s always interesting when he tries to speak English.

So, once again, I’ll do my best to upload as many photos as this website will allow.

Tomorrow, we’ll be participating in a “gymkhana” or, as it’s known back stateside, a scavenger hunt. How exciting!!!!

So that’s it for now. Stay tuned for more updates!

Hasta luego!


PS-I’ve just watched the Glee finale. One word: AWESOME!!!!!! Even better? Kurt and Rachel sung at the Gerswhin Theater where I went to see Wicked!!!!!!


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